Education Discussion – 06/21/2012

What follows is a summary of the discussion from the Open Masonic Education Discussion held June 21, 2012.

W. Bro. McIntosh started discussion with the topic of Lodge members and attendance.  He asked why so many members are leaving, and what can be done.  For contemplation, he asked, “Are your expectations being met?”

Bro. S. L. Slater replied that some petitioners may not have legitimate reasons to join, and there is not enough care for research.
Bro. A. H. Storck replied that the Grand Lecturer asked some of the same questions during a visit.  Bro Storck recommended exit interviews for those leaving to find out why and fix those issues.
Bro. D. R. Clark remarked that Freemasonry in Utah seems to be growing due to social networking initiatives being passed down from their Grand Lodge.

W. Bro. McIntosh replied that Grand Lodge involvement is not necessary and should not be necessary.  He suggested asking not only those leaving but also those that are not active.  Statistics show abandonment after six and a half years.  We should be “guarding the West gate” and only allowing quality prospects through.  He asked where our petitions are coming from and why they’re coming from there.   He also asked, “are you satisfied?”

Bro. Storck replied that he wants to affect Lodge involvement in a positive way.  He stated that some people may have fears of getting involved.

W. Bro. McIntosh concluded by stating that Education Discussion should be more discussion and less presentation, and suggested “traveling” when you could.  It is an “eye-opening” experience.

Recommended Area of Study:

  • Forget Me Not pin

All Master Masons, members or travelers, are invited to attend the Open Education Discussion.  The schedule can be found under the Calendar Tab.

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