Committee positions for 2017 coming soon.

The following Brethren were  appointed to serve in the respective Committee positions for 2016:


Charity Committee(R) Audit Committee(R) Visitation Committee(R)
D.E. Crawford, PM* J.R. Andalon* J.R. Andalon*
J.R. Andalon L.C. Alford, PM M.L. Lankford
A.H. Storck M.L. Lankford L.C. Alford, PM
W.A. DeShields, Jr., PM A.H. Storck
M.E. Ellis, PM  M.E. Ellis, PM
Conduct Committee(R) Budget & Finance Committee(R) Funeral Committee
L.C. Alford, PM* J.R. Andalon* W.A. DeShields Jr., PM*
J.M. Wyckoff, PM M.L. Lankford D.E. Crawford, PM
D.E. Crawford, PM M.E. Ellis  PM J.M. Scott, PM
T.G. Baggett, PM A.H. Storck M.E. Ellis, PM
J.M. Wyckoff, PM
Education Committee(R) By-Laws Committee Community Service Committee
D.R. Clark II* M.E. Ellis, PM* D.R. Clark II*
C.L. Griffin, PM T.G. Baggett, PM L.C. Alford, PM
A.H. Storck L.C. Alford, PM M.L. Lankford
S.O. Singleton, PM J.M. Scott, PM D.E. Crawford, PM
D.B. McIntosh, PM  A.H. Storck  M.E. Ellis, PM
Fundraising Committee Elected Trustees Ritual Supervision
W.A. DeShields Jr., PM* #1-J.C. Wilm C.L. Griffin, PM*
T.J. Onusko #2-L.C. Alford, PM J.M. Wyckoff, PM
L.C. Alford, PM #3-E.A. Gallo D.E. Crawford, PM
G.K. Rutledge #4-C.L. Griffin, PM W.A. DeShields Jr., PM
#5-D.N. Sweatt, PM M.E. Ellis, PM
Public Relations Committee Notes: Interview Committee-1(R)
D.R. Clark II* (R) Required per By-Laws L.C. Alford, PM*
J.R. Andalon * Denotes Chairman J.R. Andalon
M.N. Chapman   M.A. Wilkinson
Interview Committee-2(R) Interview Committee-3(R) Interview Committee-4
J.M. Wyckoff, PM* C.L. Griffin, PM* D.N. Sweatt, PM*
M.L. Lankford M.N. Chapman E.A. Gallo
S.C. Grubbs IV G.C. Arzente II G.P. Thompson, PM


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